Top Ten Websites For Dog Lovers in 2016

Top Ten Websites For Dog Lovers


While this website isn’t purely focused on dogs it one of the best sites for animal lovers featuring a range of good content. They have some of the best tips for your dog which are constantly being updated. That however, is just a tip of the iceberg. They’ve got loads of funny videos of animals, product reviews for your pets, and DIY projects. They’ve even got free product giveaways! Dog lover or not, if you love...

Is the World on the Brink of the Sixth Great Extinction? Studies Suggest That It May Be….

 According to recent studies, plants and animals are becoming extinct at least 1000 times faster than before humans arrived on the scene, suggesting that we may be heading towards the sixth great extinction.

Scientists used to believe that the past rates of extinction were a lot higher making a comparison with present day extinction rates less stark. However, recent studies by Duke University are suggesting that past rates of extinction may have been much lower than previously believed while present day extinction rates appear to be around 10 times higher than...

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